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Why “The Visibility Queen?”

Hmm, who’s this Visibility Queen?

Maybe you’ve heard me say this before, but to be totally honest I was petrified of showing up as myself on video.  I was paralyzed with the thought of video and putting myself out there. This was back in 2012 when I owned a business with a friend. I would rock and excel at everything behind the scenes until the words like Shark Tank, News Interview, Magazine Article, FedEx Small Business Loan were brought up.  I liked being in my bubble and apparently thought I was just going to become a millionaire on hard work and luck and not visibility. 

Getting out of my bubble.

Whew, that was scary.  I definitely worked hard, but I would say that was not in the ‘work smarter, not harder’ category.  It was nothing to work a 60+ hour work week and I look back now and think “oh girl, I feel for you, why didn’t you think this through better, why didn’t you do the right things round 1, you could have made such an impact.” But then again, everything happens for a reason, right?  This was not the way my story and journey were to be told, and it would take several more years of ‘figuring it out’. by this, I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I do have the answers to ‘what not to do’. I WAS CLEARLY NOT CRUSHING IT.

Let’s fast forward in time.

Fast forward 7 years, I’m still behind the scenes of other’s businesses, but I am front and center of my own.  I know how to deliver value, I rock live video, I’m decent at speaking, I’m great at teaching others but all of those can be improved upon and you know how I am going to make that happen?  By doing more of those exact things!

The thing I tell my clients over and over, is you gotta get visible. Stop hiding behind that logo, stop hiding behind your products or services and honestly, STOP HIDING BEHIND ME, YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST!

I want your face out there, I want to brand you!  I want your audience to see why I think you’re so special because there isn’t one client I work for that I don’t believe in. And if you don’t feel you are there yet, we’ll get you there together!  

I’ve seen what works over social media over the years, I know what converts better (typically), I know what makes others stop their scroll.  I think you can do this, I think you want to put yourself out there but you are afraid to go there. Whether we need to chat over a strategy call or I help you 1 on 1, there’s a way we can work together for you to learn the right ways to grow your business and become visible.

Let me show you what not to do, how to put your face out there and be the visible part of your brand.  I coined The Visibility Queen because I’ve been in your shoes and some days I still am. I know what it feels like to be that ‘scared little girl’ and what it feels like to be that ‘excited woman going on live video’.   Let me help you become more visible too!



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