We all need help

I am never the smartest person in the room. I never want to be – do you know why? Because I’m going to continue to learn more, grow and pour into myself. The best thing I’ve ever done for my business is recognize that I’m not an expert in every aspect of it. To be completely transparent, I hated Instagram. The beloved little squares and snapshots into your friends and businesses…I did not like it. I never thought anything would come of Instagram or that I would ever make money utilizing it.

I hired an expert. She told me I was posting too much and sharing too much value. Instead of being offended, I took her help and advice and I ran with it. I’m a firm believer in being coachable, being a sponge around experts in their fields. I am aware that I can’t do everything and I’m alright with that. My process is learn more, take constructive criticism, take action, do it again, rinse and repeat.

If I hadn’t taken the time to invest in Instagram I wouldn’t have gained more business. Through being consistent and taking the advice I have gained more clients – on Instagram! Things have been better from taking that first step and asking for help. Let me say it louder for those in the back: THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH ASKING FOR HELP! Invest in your business, invest in yourself. We are all a work in progress. Be ahead of the game, work with people in their zone of genius and learn from them. For example, I listened to a podcast 9 months later saying the same things the person I hired on back in May. She is way ahead of the game and I don’t have to worry about anything because it’s already implemented. There is so much power in hiring a mentor.

Share with me what you’re taking action on, and an area you are not an expert in. How will you better your business? Will you ask for help? Take this new year to blossom and better serve your clients. Give yourself permission to allow people to be in their zone of genius while you thrive in your own zone.



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