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Visibility is more than just…Video

Visibility is more than just ‘getting on video’ although it is a part of it.

Many entrepreneurs are struggling with visibility. They have a great product or service, but they can’t seem to get anywhere. This is because most of the time when people think about visibility, they only think about getting on video. However, there are many other ways that you can increase your visibility in today’s marketplace including social media marketing and blogging. In this post we’ll discuss how to find your best strategy for increasing your business’ visibility so that you can be seen by more potential customers!

✅Visibility is diversifying your platforms where your audience feels like they see you ‘everywhere’

This includes being on the social media channel your audience is on. For example, if your potential customers are mostly on Snapchat and Instagram, then you should be there as well. However, it’s important to diversify where people see you because once they’ve seen you everywhere they feel like that is who you ‘are’. For this reason, I recommend being active on three social media channels and not putting all your eggs in the Facebook/Instagram basket.

✅Visibility is being searchable not only on social media platforms but also Google.

This means using keywords in all of your online content, including blog posts, social media bios and even website titles. For example, if you’re a wedding planner then the keyword “wedding planner” should be included in as many places as possible. This will help you come to the top of the search engine when they enter your industry keywords in the search bar. Get your SEO optimized.

✅Visibility is positioning yourself as the expert, the authority in your industry and creating impact and influence.

This can be done by sharing your knowledge with your audience through blog posts, social media and even speaking engagements. When you become known as the go-to person in your field, people will start to seek you out for advice and information and eventually…your offers.

✅Visibility is being seen, in marketing that is a good thing, because if you aren’t seen, no one knows who you are.

One of the biggest struggles I hear from entrepreneurs is that they are not seen online. The truth is, if you aren’t seen then no one knows who you are or what your business does. Visibility in marketing means being where people see you which includes social media posts (consistently) and having a presence on Google by using keywords properly.

✅Visibility is being heard, your messaging matters, the words you type, the copy you use to sell, the voice that comes out of your mouth on a podcast…that’s your message!

This means that your messaging matters and the words you use to sell your product or service matter as well as how you project yourself on a podcast; those things are all considered your ‘message’. It’s also critical for people to hear what comes out of your mouth in social media interviews, on podcast interviews and any other place where you have an opportunity to share your message with the world.

✅Visibility is being authentic, relatable and vulnerable, which makes that connection with your audience, builds relationships and makes you memorable.

This means that your audience should get an insight into who you are which will help them feel like they know you better (and therefore develop more of an interest in what you do).

✅Visibility is getting free PR and showing up in articles that your ideal person would read.

This means that you can get written about in publications, magazines and online news sites which will help drive more traffic back to your website. One of the best ways I have found to do this is through pitching yourself so be sure you are signed up for potential opportunities to get your name out there.

✅Visibility is getting interviews and collaborations in front of others audiences to increase your own.

Other ways to increase your visibility include getting interviews and collaborations in front of other audiences. This is a great way to get exposure for you as well as the person who has invited you onto their platform or show which will give them something new, fresh and interesting to share with their audience. I would suggest going out today and putting up a post to pitch yourself for opportunities with your audience.

✅Visibility creates quicker like, know and trust with your audience. No one is building a relationship with a logo or a graphic, they want your face which helps you humanize your content.

It’s about people actually seeing you, knowing who you are and trusting what you have to say – versus simply reading or watching content that has been created because of the ‘conversion possibilities’. 

✅Visibility is finding that free lead magnet you offer so that your future leads can join your list and hear how they can work with you.

Another part of visibility is building a list. One great way to do this is by offering a free lead magnet that allows people to sign up and receive additional information from you in exchange for their email address which means they are more likely to purchase something from your store or join your service later once you’ve nurtured them.

✅Visibility is knowing how to work WITH the algorithms to show up in your audiences newsfeed.

This means that you shouldn’t blame Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for not showing your content in front of people’s news feeds but instead work on how you can create better and more engaging content so it does appear there when appropriate. 

✅Visibility is showing up in your audiences inboxes every single week at minimum as a reminder “I’m still here waiting to serve you”

This means that you should be sending out emails on a regular basis (at least once a week) in order to remind your audience that you are still there and ready to serve them. Not only does this keep you at the forefront of their minds, but it also allows you to nurture them through relatable content or learning.

✅Visibility is the text that comes through giving you your daily dose of motivation and action steps for the day.

This is a great way to reach out to your audience in an informal and direct way that can be perfect for providing motivation or action steps on a daily basis. Not only does this keep you at the forefront of their minds.

✅Visibility is the tool to grow your business, with free and/or paid advertising to get outside of your current circle and reach more to serve more.

Paid advertising like Facebook or Google ads can help you widen your audience faster but also build your list if you are leading them to your lead magnet. 

✅Visibility is building one on one relationships with zero expectation in return.

Sometimes we get visible to the masses, others we do it one on one.

✅Visibility is rocking a summit, virtual or on a real stage.

Real stages are back and I’ve missed them, how about you?  Getting in front of others in real life will build more trust faster.

✅Visibility is walking into an event and everyone already knows who you are, but you don’t know them…

Whoa, because you were showing up and they’ve been watching, even if they didn’t comment.

✅Visibility is the free 5 day workshop to pour into your audience and give them wins so they feel on top of the world.

Have free activation events to get them to notice and pay attention.

✅Visibility is serving with the law of reciprocity.

Giving with zero expectation and knowing the right people will eventually want to work with you and/or purchase your product.

You see, visibility is more than video, it’s everything if you want to run a successful business and market it the right way.

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