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Being a Social Media Manager is a lot like being an Actor.

How being a Social Media Manager is like being an Actor.

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Hear me out here! Whether you are looking for a Social Media Manager, a content curator, a strategist, etc. our job is like being an actor/actress. We must get into the role, and pretend to be…well you!  Let me explain a little more and break it down for you.

Studying your role

  • An actor must know their audience. Who is going to enjoy this content is just like knowing who is going to enjoy your performance on stage or film. Identifying your ideal audience/client is key to rocking your business, so help your Social Media Manager (SMM) know who that is. When your SMM and you work together hand in hand, you are much more successful.
  • You need to study your competition if you want to get the role. See what your competition is doing, not to copy but to learn what is working for them and what isn’t.
  • A social media manager must put themselves in the client’s shoes. Just like actors and actresses study a persona to portray them in a role, a SMM must study their client’s voice, product or services, to be able to attract the ideal customer.
  • An actor or actress must dress the part, which is a combination of the era, the character’s personality and the location of the film. The same is true with your brand, a SMM will help brand your message across a variety of social media channels, so it’s cohesive and your followers come to expect a certain look from your brand and know it’s you or your brand when they see it pop up in their feed.

Be Creative

  • An actor networks to get more roles, a social media manager is networking on the client’s behalf, using their voice to help build their brand. You can either network to build your brand, or you can run commercials aka ads to promote your brand. Either works, but if you can grow your business organically and combine paid ads, you will be amazed at your ROI.
  • An actor must have patience waiting on their next role like a SMM does as they build your following and community. It can take a follower seeing your content over a period of 90 days or more before they feel comfortable purchasing from you.
  • You can’t just post quotes and share links, you need to provide value. Just like actors who have a love for something else besides their craft, it isn’t always about what you sell, but what your target audience responds too. You see actors who have a love of home design, cars, being a parent, cooking, make-up, etc. and they are in magazines talking about other things than just their movie premieres. Your SMM needs to know what your customers also respond to besides what you’re offering. This is another key reason why your ideal customer or client should be nailed down early in the process.

Read the Script & Perfect-It.

  • An actor should be versed on multiple channels including print, tv, social media, radio, night shows, etc. just like a social media manager should be well versed in a variety of channels that will help drive traffic to your site, such as email marketing, websites, the social channels that work best for your brands demographics, podcasting, video, etc.
  • Actors are always learning for their roles, sometimes it’s a dance or a skill that the person they are playing needs to have. Social media managers are also, always learning. Social media changes daily. They invest in themselves and learning to keep you above your competition. Some people say having a SMM is expensive, but the knowledge they possess and use to help your business grow is a tool worth having on your side.

  • An actor should be responsive to constructive criticism of the critics, because let’s be honest, sometimes they don’t play the role as well as they should. It could take a while for your social media manager to find your voice. Initially, ask that they let you see the content for a few weeks so you can be assured everyone is on the same page. Once you feel comfortable, you can allow them do their job. Everything will not always be perfect, SMM’s are human too, but they want your business to succeed.

  • Actors get to enjoy the afterparties of their success. Social media managers want to celebrate with you too. They love numbers and showing you just how much your movie grossed. Okay, not a movie but you get the idea. So, celebrate together after each success, even if they are small at first and let your social media manager guide you to show you how to have more significant wins.

Most client and SMM relationships work best when they work together cohesively. You need each other, you can bounce ideas off each other to help grow your business the way that is best for your brand. You’ll find some things work great and others don’t. If your SMM mentions something you aren’t comfortable with, it’s worth trying. Nothing ever grows from our comfort zones!

I hope this helps you understand the role of a social media manager a bit more. I hope this helps reassure you that they want your business to be a success and they would love to be a part of that process.

If you ever have any questions or need help with social media, please feel free to reach out to me.



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