Showing Up

Think about any time that you have made a promise to yourself or someone else. How amazing do you feel after keeping that promise? Whether it is for yourself or for someone else it is always good to follow through and show up. Let’s flip the script and promise we will do something but flake out. There are endless excuses: too tired, not in the mood, too busy or maybe something really does come up. Doesn’t that feeling bother you? Does it weigh heavy on your mind? It takes up a lot of time, emotion and thought process when you don’t complete a promise compared to actually showing up, being present and completing it.

Showing up is one of the most powerful things we can do. In business, this can mean posting more videos, blogs, pictures and updating your website content. In your personal life, it can mean showing up for people you love, for yourself, your health – really being able to count on yourself. Rise up to the occasion and challenge to build a better brand for yourself or for your business. My favorite quote I love repeating as a reminder is: “It’s not our customers job to remember who we are, it is our job to continuously show up so that they never have the opportunity to forget us.”

Show up as consistently as a possible to grow a business where you can provide value to other people. Grow a business where you can become recognizable and where you can become the face of your business. Your first thoughts should always be: how can I serve and support. Allow people to see what you can provide and what sets you apart as a business owner.

I talk about showing up, I talk about visibility, and I talk about how both of these things can help impact your business and your message. These areas can truly help build relationships, drive more traffic to your business and help with growth. All of this is true! Will it happen immediately? The short answer is no. Showing up takes time and impact to really see results. I’m a firm believer of giving a task 90 days to fully see any sort of result.

Make these changes and start shifting your priorities to show up and I guarantee you will see growth over time. I want to know: what are you going to do to show up today? Are you going to keep your promises?

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