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Small business marketing: 11 Ways to get results in your business and have fun with it.

Are you looking for ways to move the needle forward in your small business marketing? Get results? Small business marketing can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.


If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss 11 daily habits that can help you achieve your goals (I might even drop a bonus). Implementing these habits into your routine will help keep you on track and moving closer to your goals. So what are you waiting for? Start reading and get inspired to take your business to the next level!

Let’s get to the list to support your small business marketing

  1. POUR INTO YOU! Read and/or listen to a podcast daily/or audio book/ or YouTube motivation to start the day out right. This is the key to really setting ourselves up for success every single day.
  2. Serve and support others with valuable content predominantly in video format (become your own lead magnet). This is crucial to get leads on demand. We all need leads right? Nurtured leads turn into potential sales, let’s get more of them!
  3. Review the day ahead to see when you have pockets of time to add in filler content, stories, etc. This is perfect time to create live video content, engage with your audience, interact with your future potential audience and more!
  4. Interact with free group and other’s free groups, getting the opportunity to use your voice, this is a place where you don’t want to just drop a link and leave but give them with pure value. We want to encourage them to check us out (confirm your profiles are optimized).
  5. Check messages and messenger to see what clients or customers are needing at the moment, this is always a great teaching or value giving opportunity. Engage with your audience, it’s social media, let’s be social!
  6. Learn something new and implement it, then teach it. Learning by itself doesn’t serve you. You get to take action! After you start action your next step to mastery is…teaching it.
  7. Repurpose content from memories or earlier week content to explode visibility and message. This also gives you the opportunity to see how much you’ve changed, where you’ve been and see your growth!
  8. Follow-up with potential leads, the fortune is in the follow-up quote was started for a reason, most companies do not follow up with leads.
  9. Create short form video content [it’s what the algorithms love these days] and then repurpose it, everywhere! Learn how to show up more.
  10. Check for PR Opportunities, I love Help a Reporter Out for this, this is a great way to add a free strategy into your small business marketing plan.
  11. Have a CTA in at least 1 piece of content each day, it doesn’t have to be a paid CTA, it can be grab my lead magnet, go subscribe to my podcast, YouTube, etc. Learn to teach your audience that you add value to their lives by the calls to action you give them.

Bonus time…

BONUS: BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH ZERO EXPECTATION IN RETURN DAILY. This has been one of the best ways to grow my small business, yes I love all things visibility, but adding this to your daily marketing strategy for your small business is key!

This is a game changer! Go out of your way to connect with others, getting to know them without any expectation. These are the most powerful relationships because they are authentic and real. Plus, when you finally do need something from them (business opportunity, referral, introduction), they are MUCH more likely to say yes. So start connecting with others today and watch your business (and life) transform!

It’s time to take action!

Which ones of these will you implement next? Learning is awesome, but implementing it putting the learning into action. It’s time to dive in and get to work! The ones you do most consistently will be the ones you see the most rewards from as you continue to create your small business marketing strategy.



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