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Please Don’t Follow Me…

Please Don’t Follow Me.

I found this 1945 book of Emily Post’s Etiquette which I’ll be honest is pretty comical now, so I thought I would create my own social follow etiquette post, so here goes:

Please don’t follow me!

If you are in it for the sale or to tell me how great your products are.

If you use autoresponders that tell me my hair looks great in a photo without me in it.

If you are single and want to send me some of your best photos – I’m married and there are dating sites for that.

If you never have a desire to teach me what you know.

If you love spreading your hateful political beliefs and think you are going to change everyone else’s and get them on your bandwagon.

Please do follow me if:

You want a genuine “onlineship” (basically you think I’m cool, you like what I have to say and I am followyour jam)

You genuinely want to learn something about what I do and teach me something about what you do and bring some value into my life.

You just generally like helping people, because at the end of the day your products DO NOT MATTER. You do! People buy relationships, not products.

You love  lifting other’s up and motivating them to be better than they were yesterday and come from a place that’s full of genuinely caring for people.

I am not saying I do not buy online products, I am saying there is a way to go about it and way not to. Most of my successful clients DO NOT TALK about their product nonstop. They show their real life (the ugly, the truth). They may talk about how their life has changed (it may be because of a product, but they do not talk about that in every post) because they are too busy trying to love on people, help people and show them how to improve their life. They provide tons of value!!!! And expect NOTHING in return.

Also, you are more than the products or services you sell. I want to know more about that!

At the end of the day, it’s all about people – please do not forget that. I hope even if you don’t want to follow me, that you do try to take some of this advice.

You can find where to follow me here.



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