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My Story of Visibility and Why it’s important for us all.

Earlier this year, we in the Social Clique, the mastermind I am a part of, we submitted our 2020, marketing predictions to Influencive and we were all featured in that with our predictions. And funny thing, when we submitted this probably late December, early January, we had no idea that Coronavirus would be happening, but one of the common themes that we talked about a lot that almost all of us had in common was being visible, showing up and building relationships was what you’re what really needed to be more in the forefront of your business.

I think that’s ironic, especially because of what I’m talking to you about today. Again, we had no idea this was going to happen. And I think whether it’s this market that we’re in right now, or things were the same as they were four weeks ago, I don’t think it matters. I think that we still have to show up and show up even more because of the situation that we’re in right now.

Let’s dive and start talking visibility. But first, before we do any of that, I have to take you back to my story of being invisible. Now, you’re probably looking at this picture and this was in 2013, I believe, and I was on a news station interview for a business that I owned with my best friend, and we made skincare out of our home. And I hated being on video. And if you see in this picture, I have on a turtleneck because I get hives. I still get hives. Now I don’t even know why but sometimes it still happens. 

Being visible made me feel scared. It made me feel paralyzed. I was afraid of what other people thought about me. I would get sick to my stomach, I would get nauseous, I would get itchy and start scratching myself. And I was worried about my looks. “I’m not pretty enough. I don’t have pretty enough hair,” blah, blah, whatever, you know, excuse I could find that’s what I would say. But I was also afraid of messing up and recovering perfectionist for sure. I was worried about being made fun of or somebody showing up that was smarter than me. These are the things that I dealt with. I had a friend who was in this business with me and she was submitting us to new stations and two magazines and Shark Tank and I thought I was going to die. Every time she was pushing me out of my comfort zone even though I didn’t like it like you can see this look, I’m giving this reporter right here. And I was not comfortable. I did not want to be doing this interview even though I knew it could be good for my business. I did not care at the time. I was so out of my comfort zone by doing video and I did not want it to be there. I did not want to be pushed on my comfort zone. I wanted to stay in my little bubble and be comfortable and be okay with that.

Well, that’s not what works right? So, this is what all scared me. And this is a picture from my past business. I was scared of photos with me and then I was scared of video. Live video wasn’t even around at this time but I think live video maybe showed up in 2015 or 16 but I definitely was scared more of that.

When I started my business that I have now I actually went in into this thinking the same thing I don’t need to get on video, I don’t need to show my face. I am just going to get like a ton of clients. And that did happen. I did get a ton of clients. And most of them were referrals. But then I realized I wanted something more. And I wanted to teach people and I wanted to share with people and I wanted to help, you know, smaller businesses that maybe couldn’t afford to work with me full-time. This is how I knew it was time to get out of my shell and get out of my comfort zone. My funny story is that I actually used to be so scared of live video that I used to cheat. You can cheat at live video if you didn’t know that. You sure can let me tell you how to cheat on live video. You can go to your personal page and you can select the privacy to be only me. And then you can go live. In back in 2016 that’s how I did it for about 10 times I would go live as only me, and then I would watch it and say that looks okay, I think I can go with that. And then I would edit it and change the privacy from only me to public or friends or whatever. Friends would be like, “Oh my gosh, I missed your live.” Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Let us be real. That is not what happened. I was a chicken. I was scared. I didn’t want to go on video. So, I was hiding out and then I wanted it to be perfect. I would check out my video and once it looked, okay, then I would let the world see it. And think I went live. As you can imagine, this did not work for very long.

So, I realized that I wasn’t getting engagement because hello, nobody really knows when you’re live. They are not getting the notification. They are just seeing it in their feed after the fact. And the other thing was, it felt like cheating. It was cheating. I mean,  why not just record a video and upload it right at that point? What’s the purpose that you’re totally cheating yourself?

So, I decided I’m going to do my first live video for real. And I was so nervous. I was like, how am I going to pull this off? How long pull this off? Like I’m going to fumble over my words, because I know that people are actually really watching me right now.

And so the first live video that I did, it’s funny because actually all my friends at the time wanted to know how to make jello shots. And so I did a live video and showed my friends how to make jello shots. And everybody loved it. And it was not awful. I mean, when I look at it now my I’m like yelling at the camera, like, “Oh my god,” it like drives me crazy now, but at the time was actually pretty good for me because I was doing something that I knew how to do. I really enjoyed making jello shots, it was easy, no script needed.  And you know, it was just a time in my life that I felt comfortable in my own skin because all my friends knew that I was the jello shot Queen, that I made them and brought them to every girls night out that we had. I didn’t need props, I didn’t need notes. I didn’t need anything like that. So that’s why my first official live video is teaching people how to make jello shots.  Want to watch it?

It’s kind of funny now. But it’s okay. It’s okay. We all start somewhere.

And I think that’s the thing that we get so scared about because my coach always says this all the time, like, look back at like Chalene Johnson’s videos, even our mentor Rachel Peterson, like I bet she looks back and thinks, oh my gosh, I’m so much better now. And we do. But we cannot get better unless we actually do it.

Reasons to be visible.

  • This is how you become a thought leader and an expert in your field.
  • It’s not a numbers game, it’s a consistency and showing up game.
  • To show you are authentic, you are real and that your audience feels like they get to know you.
  • People don’t buy products and services, they buy relationships, stories and magic.
  • How can your audience get to know you if you can’t be found?
  • Hiding behind a bunch of graphics and logos doesn’t give your audience a chance to get to know you. Who are you? What do you like? How can I relate to you?
  • It’s free to show up as the face of your business. It costs you nothing except your time.

How can I be visible?

  • Live video / Video
  • Speaking and teaching engagements (live and in person)
  • Podcasts (your voice)
  • Blogging/Guest Blogging
  • Vlogs
  • Stories…behind the scenes, show up there too.
  • Guest Interviews (live or other video mediums) Getting in front of someone else’s audience that compliments your own.
  • Email
  • All platforms, omnipresence
  • Repurposing content so that your message gets through to your audience in different mediums.
  • No matter what, be consistent

It is not your customer’s job to remember who you are. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you. -Patricia Fripp

How do I start?

  • Realize that done is better than perfect.
    • I struggled with this thought of perfectionism.
  • Know that you’ll get better the more you do it.
    • Practice makes you better.
  • We all started or start with zero followers and fans.
    • It’s not a numbers game, it’s a showing up/consistency game for those fans and followers you do have.

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