just do your dream f-words

Just Do Your Dream with F-Words!

The Book

I recently came across a book, called Just Do Your Dream.  I was fascinated by this book because it wasn’t only a step by step guide but was filled with stories from those of all ages, because you are never too old to Just Do Your Dream.

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Diving into this book, written by Montrie Rucker Adams, it’s all about the F-words!  No, not food, Friday or fudge (also known as #$%&).  Montrie teaches us that there are 3 F-words that keep us from reaching our dreams and 4 F-words that help us achieve our dreams.

The F-words

Montrie explains in her book that the 3 F-words that keep us from achieving our dreams are fear, finances, and family.

  • Fear – mainly because we are all afraid to push ourselves out of our comfort zones or those limiting beliefs, we set for ourselves.
  • Finances – many of us reaching for our dreams, feel like we can’t afford it.
  • Family – reading through this book there were many people that had family that set a roadblock for their journey to achieve their dream. Whether it’s friends or family (both F’s) they can sometimes be our biggest cheerleader or become our biggest obstacle.  For example: “If my husband doesn’t believe I can do this, then I probably can’t.”

The Good F-Words

She also tells us that there are 4 F-words that can actually help us reach our dreams. Fortitude, Faith, Forgiveness, and Focus.

  • Fortitude – this is how we get over that F-word, Fear.  Fortitude along with courage can help us achieve our dreams.  The definition of Fortitude according to Merriam-Webster is strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.  I would say this is a key element to achieving your dream.
  • Faith – I love the reminder that we have faith every morning that the sun will rise. We may need to put ourselves back to our “kid” days and remember how much faith we had in ourselves that we could do anything. Give yourself the pep talk you would give your friend if they are doubting themselves and just a gentle reminder, YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • Forgiveness – yes, we must forgive ourselves! We will all fail or at least tell ourselves we failed on the way to achieving our dreams, but just remember, you learned the way not to do something, we learn through our failures. Just remember this, no book or movie is a hit unless someone failed, came across roadblocks and struggled to get to where they wanted to be.
  • Focus – We have to focus to achieve our goals and sometimes that means putting on blinders to keep moving in the right direction and not letting anything else derail us on our way to achieving our dreams.

I learned so much from Just Do Your Dream. The inspirational stories of people around the world, all in different situations, ages, achieving something different, but the point is they didn’t stop.  They didn’t let any negative f-words stop them.  They also used positive f-words to get there.

The Just Do Your Dream Group

During the month of January, join the Just Do Your Dream group to learn how to reach your dreams.  I highly suggest purchasing the book, but it’s optional.  Montrie is coming in with daily videos to lift our spirits and give us the things we need to hear each day.   I am in the group and I hope to see you there!

If you could accomplish any dream and there were no obstacles, what would you do?



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