Google Drive Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Can you imagine your work or home life without a computer? Probably not: It’s a way to connect and to share, to be more productive, to learn. The same is true for internet tools such as email—and more and more, for options such as those provided by one of the most recognizable names in the world, Google.

Google has a number of options that have made life and work easier, from word processing to presentations. From Google Docs to Google Slides, the Google Drive extensions ensure that you can get what you need to do done—whenever you need to and wherever you are. But there are insider tips that can help you do more with those Google tools, which in turn can help you manage your time and resources better. What are those hacks and how do you put them into practice? This graphic can help guide you.

I use Google Drive for everything, both business and personal.  I try to have a shared folder for each of my clients so it’s a safe place where we can each send graphics, documents, keep fonts and branding information, etc. to each other without email and it’s there quickly.  I also use docs to create forms, easily shared spreadsheets and for information gathering.

What’s your favorite thing about Google Drive?

Enjoy these Google Drive Hacks



Source: quill.com



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