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Creating Content (Repurposed): Make Life Easier

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Creating Content

I work with many clients and repurposing their content is a great way to keep your social media content calendar full. What is repurposing content you ask? Well, it’s like recycling that great stuff you posted a year (or more) ago.

Let me break it down for you.

  • Raise your hand (I’m watching) if all your followers have seen every post you’ve posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Raise your hand if all your followers have seen every video, live video or story you’ve posted.
  • Raise your hand if all your followers have read every blog post you’ve written.
  • Raise your hand if every follower has seen your content you’ve provided others in your or someone else’s group.

No one reading this raised their hand. Unless you have 1 follower and it’s your mom, and she was obligated to see, read and watch all your videos. Even if you paid to boost a post, not all of your followers saw that.

So…now you understand why it’s time to make life easier and not harder and let me show you how creating content you already have is smart. (If you are saying to yourself “I don’t have any content,” then hop over here to grab 30 days free so you can start working on your repurposed content you can use a few months down the road.)

So how do you repurpose content to create content?

creating contentHere are some of my ideas that I’ve used with success with my clients for creating content (it is repurposing, but it’s new to your audience):

1. Transcribe videos!! Especially live videos.
• You have no idea the things you say (unless you scripted the entire thing) and how many quotes, stories and small clips of the video you can repurpose from that one video.
• If your video is packed full of value, I’ve seen up to 3-4 weeks’ worth of content come from ONE (1) video.
• Wondering who is going to transcribe all of that? Well…message me, and I’ll tell you how to do it FOR FREE! No strings attached I promise! See!!! Creating content does not have to be rocket science.

2. Have you ever implemented a free group, a challenge group or community? What type of value did you provide?
• Go through those old groups and find that content and reshare it, maybe update the graphic or take a selfie to add to go with it. This is true Gold!

3. Pull your name up on Facebook, see what types of content pulls up or try searching your name and a word for example “Crissy Conner Fall” or another noun to see what you’ve posted about fall in the past that you can repurpose. Also, go to your memories, there is always some great repurposed material you can find there.

4. Do you write a blog? If the answer is yes hold on just a few. If not, I’m sure you’ve written some social media posts that might be just as long so go find them. (please)
• If I were to repurpose this particular blog post you are currently reading, each of these steps could be its own post. (lets do the math, that is 6 pieces of content)
• Turn the entire blog post into a live video. (that’s 7)
• Turn it into a slideshow to post on Instagram or LinkedIn.  (that’s 8)
• Also, repurpose that same Blog post with a graphic under articles on LinkedIn (this does not hurt your SEO).  (that’s 9)
• Another idea is to pull a few quotes from it and use as single posts to direct people to the blog post to read it in full. (that is at least 10 more posts for a total of 19 – from one blog post and if we count it, that is 20 pieces of content and I bet I could figure out how to make more)

5. If you have saved your stories here are some ideas (if you haven’t, start saving the good stuff)
• String some stories together to make a video to share on other platforms, specifically IGTV because the portrait view works really well there.
• Make a gif or a meme from something you posted in your stories. Have fun with it and remember it’s okay to make your audience chuckle.
•Repurpose them in “square” size to share on IG in your feed.

6. Think about the questions you get asked all the time, maybe in response to a post or several posts creating content(as you are searching through them).
• Use that question and answer it to come up with a Live video, a blog post, if it’s a quick answer a regular graphic post.
• Use that question as an interaction post, ask others and put your response in the comments.

If you sat down a few hours one weekend a month, you would be able to fill your entire content calendar with minimum 1 piece of content each day. Creating content in a few hours in your PJs? Yes I’m serious.

Now, does that mean a bunch of posts selling people what you are offering? NO! These should be value posts, remember the 80/20 rule.

Gary Vee preaches this. Chalene Johnson preaches this. So why aren’t we all creating content this way?



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