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Best Tips to Create a Facebook Group for your Business

Best Tips to Create a Facebook Group for your Business

Have you wondered how you can Rock a Facebook Group or Online Community?

Facebook groups or communities are a great way to grow your customer base.  Whether you are running a free community to provide tons of value or specifically for a challenge, this is the place to get to know your community.

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Have you wondered how you would even start a group? Or why you should start one?

Being a thought leader, you should have a place in your own community where you can provide massive value and create social proof. 

Facebook pages aren’t getting the reach that they used to, unless you are ready to invest in ads. But being a thought leader, you should have a place in your own community where you can provide massive value and create social proof.  This group isn’t about you, it’s about what you have to offer.  Your name will not attract people yet, but that doesn’t mean it will always be that way.


Facebook Group or Community ideas

If you are interested in starting a group, but aren’t sure what type to create, here are some great ideas.

  • Free community to provide massive value. This is the perfect way to get to know your community, answer questions, show your expertise, etc. – a free group can turn a prospect into someone who is comfortable working with you, which eventually leads to a customer purchasing your program, sessions, etc.  What can you provide?
    • Whether you are a coach (life, health & fitness, etc.) to use it for accountability
    • Help overcome roadblocks and obstacles
    • Provide relationship and life advice
  • Start an online book club community. Share a book each month, again, maybe this has nothing to do with your real business, but it is a way to build relationships so that these members get to know you better and see if you are their ‘person’.
  • Start a series community, maybe your favorite show is something you want to talk about even more with like-minded people.
  • Create a community that has to do with a type of job, where you can train others to do what you do.
  • Share news and information on your industry of expertise. Keep your community updated with what is going on in your industry.
  • Teach your community something you are an expert at. Photography, design, decluttering, finances, etc.
  • Create a community with a group of thought leaders, that way there is something for everyone that joins (this will also help with content creation and give you a ‘break’ during busy periods).
  • How about a community that is local to you? Celebrate local happenings. Maybe it’s with everyone, only moms, only dads, etc.
  • Have a challenge, whether it’s a week or 30 days, successful challenge ideas include water challenges, plank and/or squat challenges, no spend month, decluttering, healthy eating, no sugar, slow cooker meals, meal prepping, no poo (no shampoo in case you were wondering) etc. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Types of Groups:

Wondering what types of groups are available?

Open – anyone can join, no need to review if members meet any criteria.

Closed – members would request to join, and the admin has to approve this.  Potential members cannot see the posts in the group.

Secret or Private – more exclusive, no one can find the group or request access or see who would be in the group.

Hot tips for your Facebook Group or Community

  • Start with a clear name of who and what your group is there for.  Think the way your ideal person in your group would think, make it simple.  When your group shows up as a suggested group for someone, you want them to know right away “this is the group for me!”
  • When you create the group in Facebook, you will need to have one person in mind to add to the group.  So this can be your mom, your best friend, a future moderator, etc.
  • Take advantage of 2 items you have as a resource in your Facebook group, your cover photo and your description of the group.  The right keywords will drive traffic to you! The right cover photo can help drive some key points on why this person should join your group.
  • Grow your group by putting it in every single profile/bio you have on every social media channel.  When people want to see who you are, they see this invite right there!
  • Provide massive value – teach them what you know.
  • Set up questions for when they join, grab their email address there so you can add to your email marketing list (because you do have one, right?)
  • Ask engaging questions.
  • Allow the community to feel comfortable enough to ask their questions, ask for advice on problems they are having, etc.
  • Have a list of rules you want to make sure they abide by, great ones include no soliciting other members (possibly have a day of the week and 1 thread that they can use for promotion), no bullying or being rude, etc.
  • Even if you have an ongoing community, have challenges, add in reading a book, do a giveaway, etc. to keep others engaged.
  • Use the stories feature to give your community an inside glimpse into real life.
  • Go Live and do videos, show them who you are. A conversation showing you talking can get through to someone and be more productive than 35 text related messages. Plus, your audience gets to experience your personality.

No matter what, if you are building a community or a Facebook group to just make a buck – it will never happen.  You must be real, genuine and want to make a ton of new best friends by being involved in their online life while providing value to their lives. 

It takes time, it’s not something that you set up and forget.  You need to plan out content just like you do on your own social media.  Grab great themed content for your group here, schedule it all in one day for 30 days and relax, now you get to enjoy your community and have time to start building those relationships. Another resource is to have something weekly come through that you can post. Try out the DIY Social Media Hub to see if it’s a fit for you!

I hope this helped you make a decision on your Facebook group or community. I would love to answer any of your questions below.



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