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Need more Leads? Ready to feel confident and attract more?

Attracting leads, lead generation, relationship building, etc. are all used in marketing. But what all can we be doing to attract additional leads?

Leads lead to sales, right?

We all want more sales, which starts with leads, but also when it comes to social media content, we start with views to attract them and bring them in. But how can we warm them up quicker? By always having a lead magnet so that they can find a way to follow your content, receive consistent emails, in order to take them from a cold lead to a warm lead.

Not everyone who watches our videos, reads our content, is going to comment, which means we don’t know who all is watching, but if we give them an easy way to ‘get on our radar’, or our pipeline, we can become more aware of them.

Visibility is one of my favorite ways to attract potential customers and clients. Find out more in this blog post about where I had a $40k launch without my ads account.

Other ways to find leads?

Other ways to find leads is to ask your current paying clients or customers. If they are happy with your services they are more likely to refer others. You can also give a referral bonus, which will sweeten the deal. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials.

When you are looking for leads, always think about how you can help people and what’s in it for them. If you put yourself in their shoes, experience their pain and become the solution for them, you will be more relatable. People like to buy from people they know, like and trust. When you position yourself as the expert in your field, people will want to do business with you.

Other ways to set yourself up to become magnetic for leads is to update all your bios with your current free offer and also your other offers. Can we cross-pollinate them to your YouTube Channel? Can we get them to your next free workshop so they can see you in action?

All of these things will help you attract more leads which in turn, can lead to more sales. By providing value up front and always having a lead magnet, you will be well on your way to increasing leads and sales.

Find leads at events or conferences like I did at Queen Con
Find leads at conferences or events you host or co-host like I did at Queen Con.

Want ways to attract leads offline?

I’ve got you! You can also attract leads in every day life. One way I love is becoming a pitch magnet, to do this you can wear custom apparel that grabs attention and gives them the opportunity to ask what you do. You could also have a website address on your back so they can find you quickly if they are interested even if you are walking away.

How about attracting potential clients at a networking event? Sure you can sign up at a NAWBO or BNI or create your own networking get-together and ask your current circle to bring a friend.

If we know exactly who we want to attract, the lead generation process will be so much easier. Never forget not everyone is your person and there is plenty to go around. Are you ready to be a lead generating machine?

Recap on attracting leads

So, if you want to attract more leads and grow your business, start by becoming the solution to their problem. Be consistent in your content and always have a free offer to promote. Ask your current customers and followers to refer others, give bonuses for referrals and ask for testimonials. Update your bios with your free offer and paid programs, become a pitch magnet by wearing custom apparel that advertises what you do, and attract potential customers offline at networking events that you join or create!

What are some other ways you attract leads? Let us know. Check out this video for more ideas on lead generation.



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