I am a visibility strategist, who loves creating converting content that can take your audience from meh to raving fans! That includes offers, launching, visibility, captivating content, business growth strategies and more.  I believe in strategy, emotional intelligence, radical responsibility and consistent actions create the business of your dreams.

Crissy Conner is a business growth expert, social media strategist and The Visibility Queen. She supports entrepreneurs to be heard, be seen and get paid.


Crissy works with entrepreneurs who are looking to thrive, not just survive. She focuses on elevating your business by creating deeper audience relationships through your visibility and content, teaching marketing and business topics at a micro-mastery level, and upleveling every part of your business for massive growth to create the dream life you've designed.


She is a mom of 3, 5 counting her furbabies Tennessee [Mini Australian Shepherd] and Kaia [Australian Labradoodle], and she desired to create a business that's chill and where less is more so she can focus on time freedom.


Crissy has always had a desire to help others grow and develop. This led her to support 6 & 7 Figure Business Owners with business growth, and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to get uncomfortable through her Changing Lives in July challenge. Crissy knows that it's essential for entrepreneurs to push themselves outside of their comfort zones if they want to achieve true success.


As an introvert, Crissy has also helped hundreds of women get on video despite their fears. She knows that it's essential for entrepreneurs to share their message with the world, no matter how challenging it may be.


Crissy is on a mission to empower others to share their voice and message with the world. After spending years hiding her true self, she finally showed up and started sharing and speaking about her experiences in a way that takes on an ease and flow vs hustle mentality.


Crissy is devoted to her Visible Inner Circle and OMNI VIP Programs. She knows what it takes to be seen and heard in today's noisy world, and she loves helping her clients share their message and build a business in a way that feels authentic to them. Crissy thrives on supporting her clients as they evolve not only themselves but their businesses.




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