A Successful Launch Without Paid Ads? Yes, It’s Possible

There is no such thing as a perfect launch. If you have experienced one personally, please reach out to me because I need to know it exists! Something will always go wrong, not go as smooth and guess what? IT’S OKAY! Let me be transparent with you. I gave myself close to 5 weeks to launch my new inner circle called “Visible” (our doors are closed currently but contact me for the waiting list!) I learned so much during this launch and here is a quick list:

1. People always wait until the last minute to sign up.

2. I noticed I rely on ads more than I should.

3. Visibility is so important.

Now this short list of lessons I learned came in a sequence. First off, Facebook took my ad account away. That happens sometimes and it comes back within a reasonable amount of time with an apology on their end. This time around that did not happen and I started to feel the pressure. This happened right before sign ups were cut off. What do I do? How am I going to get this launch off the ground without ads? I am the Visibility Queen, let’s get visible! I changed my strategy and went live 4-7 times a day across all platforms: Facebook (personal, my groups and business page), Instagram, TikTok and last but not least my e-mail list. I provided a ton of value and gave information on why this inner circle would benefit them.

My original goal was 20 people to sign up with me. After I lost my ads, I brought that number down to 15 because how was I going to do it now? The final number after cut off? 21. Even people I’ve never connected with before signed up because they saw me, I was visible to them and they felt a connection to me. What I wouldn’t give to compare this launch: ads working correctly vs. me putting myself out there as the face of my business and being visible as much as I did. Ads are great when they work, but I was guilty of using them as a crutch.

This launch could have gone south if I did not already have the visibility I have worked so hard to build. This is why I talk about this topic so much – it’s so easy to do. Stop hiding behind your business, your logo and show up to grow the business of your dreams. Stop standing on the side lines and questioning “what if?”. Shift your mindset to think on the brighter side of things. What if you build your community? What if you sell your products? What if you have a $5,000 sales month? What if you build up your email list? Think of the positive possibilities!

I’m always here to chat more about visibility strategies and framework. I am here to serve and support you to help reach the goals that you have for your business. Remember, we’re not waiting when we are doing it now.



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