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4 Reasons Why you fear launching.

So many hate launching mainly due to the fear of failure or things not going as planned last time they tried to launch. Let’s dig deeper, read on.

I hate launching.

You are smart and capable and you have learned so much this far. You can learn new ways of doing things, stop putting yourself in a box thinking “the way I know and hate is the only way” because it’s not.

No one’s buying.

I hear this often…but are you actually talking about it and inviting them to your offer? We don’t want to be too “salesy.” But you are not in business to be a hobby, you are in business to have freedom and get paid right? You are in business to transform someone’s life. That sale is an exchange of energy. If there is no monetary exchange there is no skin in the game and therefore no action will be taken aka no transformation can happen.

I’ve seen people wait until the last day when the pricing was the highest, so stressing out doesn’t help people buy during a launch. Also, let’s working on being grateful for every inquiry, every social media comment, every person that joins the program in early bird, presale or full price while we are launching.

I hate social media.

Which typically follows with…I hate content, I can’t create content, I don’t know how to speak to my audience, etc. Most likely you think it’s a 1 size fits all strategy. You don’t feel safe to be authentic and vulnerable. You may also feel afraid of being too salesy (see above) so therefore you feel paralyzed and just don’t post at all. You most likely haven’t learned a way that is aligned with who you are and so therefore when it comes to selling on social nothing seems to be working. I have been there my friend.

Launches exhaust me.

In “launch” mode you become a different person. You get exhausted asking people to buy over and over. You turn up the volume and try to act like someone you’ve seen that is successful, but it isn’t authentic to who you are when you show up outside of launch mode. When people aren’t buying you start getting anxiety and telling them all the reasons why they should buy this offer now. You should be the same person in and out of launches, you should also be the same person when people are buying and when they are not.

I used to teach launching a little differently and probably way more exhausting than it need to be. Check out this link to find out more.

I want to empower you to take control of things you feel like you aren’t “good” at, we keep failing if we do the same thing over and over again that isn’t working. We keep failing if we keep saying we always fail at “that” thing.  I used to strongly dislike sales and launching and no one had taught me a way that worked with my style and now that I’ve invested and learned from another mentor I’m able to not only align it within my own business but also teach it!

There is someone out there that can teach you the ways and if they say it’s this way or no way, that is not the mentor for you. Are you ready to launch with less stress? Have fun? Learn something new that works for you? 

Join Ignite Your Launch to learn a launching style that works for you and your business by design. There is no one size fits all strategy, launch, marketing or anything else for that matter.



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