Designed by Crissy

If there is one thing I love, it’s designing.  I find enjoyment designing websites, graphics and more.  I’ve designed websites for years, but most recently fell in love with WordPress design, the functionalities are limitless and even though it was a little intimidating at first, I’ve learned so much and will always recommend WordPress to all future clients.

I always promise to deliver more than expected, I am far from perfect and will always be able to make revisions when requested.  You can see an example of many of my designs here.

I enjoy being creative also with social media – any and all platforms.  Let me implement content for you, we can brainstorm together and/or you can tell me what you want posted and I can take it from there.  If you need helping in other areas of social media, I can also design your cover photos, profile photos, help you write your “Bio” or “About Me/Us” section, assist you in choosing the right categories and help you gain followers.

Also, I have designed several websites.  If you would like to see more examples, please contact me directly so I can show you those I’ve designed.

Some clients need documents that don’t look like your average boring Word document.  I can make them look more professional, turn into a PDF and make you something you need to be able to print out.  This goes beyond the average office tools, I’ve created brochures, catalogs (print and digital), flyers, planner pages, programs and more.

I really would love to show you some of my work,  you can see more on my portfolio page.




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