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11 Tips to Get Engagement on Your Content!

I always hear…no one engages with my content.  Here’s the thing, on Instagram engagement rates are less than 1%, even the Kardashians get 1% it’s just that their following is well..huge.

Here are my top tips for getting engagement on your content.

  1. Actually ask a question.  So many people want engagement but there is not a ? in sight.
  2. On Facebook: Using Facebook backgrounds are huge to help you increase views, just remember to end with a question mark.
  3. Know your audience and what they are interested in besides your product/offering/service. 
  4. Create a post with multiple answers using different heart emojis and that is all they need to drop in the comments. For example: Do you struggle with: Getting engagement, Getting Leads, Being Visible, Knowing what to post on social media, marketing your business
  5. Respond to every response and ask a question to increase engagement different times throughout the day/weekend to keep it going.
  6. Test engagement posts on your personal Facebook profile to know if they’ll flop or perform before adding to your business profile or another platform.
  7. Don’t make it complicated, make them easy responses.  Ask for one word, emoji or gif responses. 
  8. If your question is for an ideal audience and it seems more personal/private, keep it inside of a private group or use it in stories so they feel safe if they respond.
  9. Create predictive text content.  
  10. Gamify it…use word searches [templates in Canva], look and see if you can find the [thing] in the photo, caption this, etc.
  11. Have fun!  Everyone loves to have fun, laugh and be heard!



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