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I never thought a life like this was possible.

I started my business as a service provider with 1:1 clients. I realized quickly it was hard to scale that way. And finally after 3 years of working 80+ hour weeks, I decided to make some changes in my business.

That has led to multiple six figures, 8 vacations a year and most importantly TIME FREEDOM.

It didn't however, happen overnight.

My first program I launched flopped. Because honestly NO ONE knew who I was. I struggled with consistency, struggled getting visible, hello introvert and although my 1:1 business grew fast on referrals that wasn't happening with my program so I had to make a change.

Are you ready for a transformation?

To see what happens when you have strategy, consistency and visibility? To see what you can learn from a business growth mentor who has been through the ups and downs, who tried for way to long to figure it out on her own and has invested more than $100k into her training, mentoring and micro-mastery.




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Instagram Visibility in 4 Easy Ways

In a world where social media is constantly changing, it’s nice to have a platform that isn’t going anywhere and this article is all about Instagram visibility. Instagram has been around for over ten years and it’s only getting better with age. With new features being added all the time, it’s clear that Instagram is pulling out all the stops to compete with TikTok. And while they’re continuing to listen to user feedback, there are already multiple ways to be visible on the platform. Instagram visibility is easier than it ever has been. The platform has every medium you could want when it comes to getting visible.